11th December, 2012


Transformers will provide trans supplies in the form of:

  • Tape
  • Boxers
  • Briefs
  • Menstruation Supplies
  • Binders
  • Trans female underwear
  • Packers (18 and older)
  • Artificial breasts (18 and older)
  • Self Defense Supplies: Mini Flashlights, Pepper Spray, Mini Alarms
  • Condoms
  • Education: Self Care, Binding, Cleaning and Care of Prosthetics, Counseling, Support Groups, Etc. 

These will be provided on a sliding scale. In the instance that the applicant is transient, displaced, homeless, unsupported, the supplies may be provided without cost to the applicant. 


The aim is to decrease dysphoria in transitioning youth, and increase support and safety during the transition. The target demographic is transgeneder and gender non-conforming youth between the ages of 12-25.  Youth are generally a vulnerable demographic, this is an age where puberty often increases the sense of dysphoria because of bodily changes. GLSEN (2019) and Grossman (2006) in their report Transgender Youth: Invisible and Vulnerble report that youth who are transitioning-especially those who don’t easily pass as their identifying gender (gender atypical)-are singled out, face bullying, are denied opportunities, are often rejected by their support groups, and are seen as deviant in the quest for equal opportunity. 


  1. To reach 50 youth within the first year, within the Tristate area.
  2. To provide a safe space for transitioning youth to receive education and resources on binding, inclusive healthcare, and support groups.


Applicant: Adam Coronado

Peer Members: Nik Davis, Christine Spraggins, Luz Calderon, Gabriel Plaza, Skyver Negrete, Gwen Lefeber, 

Facilitator: Melody Gomez


Transformers writes this proposal to ask for assistance as a community partner from Borderland Rainbow Center.  This role is a mentorship role defined by Square Peg as:

Community Partners acknowledge that no contractual relationship is created between the individual or organization and SquarePeg. The partner agrees to work together in the true spirit of partnership to ensure that there is a united visible and responsive leadership of the Project and to demonstrate administrative and managerial commitment to the Project by means of the following individual services:  Consulting mentorship, housing the project.


Start Date

To Be Decided by Square Peg Cohort, Facilitator, and Community Partner


Total Budget: 

  • Trans Tape ™ – $20 Per Roll (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Boxers Briefs – $15 Per Pack of 3, Generic (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Menstruation Supplies – $20 Per Month, 4 Packages Per Month (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Razors – $15 Per Month (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Binders GC2B ™  – $33 Half Binder
  • Trans female underwear – $15 Per Pack of 3, Generic (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Packers (18 and older) – S-$12.95, M-$14.95, L-$18.95
  • Packer Underwear- $50 Per Pack of 2, Generic or $60 for 3, TomBoyX ™ (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Artificial breasts (18 and older) – $50 (Consideration of Price Fluctuation)
  • Self Defense Supplies: Mini Flashlights, Pepper Spray, Mini Alarms – 
  • Condoms

Sliding Scale 

Any donations are monies that are collected will be used toward purchasing supplies to distribute. The price per kit will be decided on financial assistance.


Each kit will be customized to the individual based on need and requested items, to reduce waste and ensure quality care.  


Each application will cover the applicant for 6 months of service. During this time, the applicant will receive the following items in the following quantities: 

Prosthetics – 1 Per Application Period

Undergarments – 1 Package Per Application Period

Trans Tape – 6 Rolls Per Period, To Be Picked up as Needed. Notice Required.

Menstrual Products – 1 Box of Tampons or Pads Per Month

Safety – 1 Item Per Application Period


What Does Success Look Like?

 We would like to be able to provide supplies and resources to aid in the transition of 25 youth in the first 6 month period within the El Paso/New Mexico/Juarez area.