Board of Directors;

Melody Gomez, President and Executive Director – Melody currently holds a B.M.S. From the University of Texas El Paso, and is working on her Master’s in Public Counseling. She has worked in public education for 10 years as a special educator, and a 6th grade Reading and Language Arts teacher. YISD awarded her a Certificate of Excellence for innovative teaching in 2017. Her family is developing a set of video logs called Raising the Future that premiers February, 2019. She founded Square Peg in 2018 as a means to empower youth to be the change they seek in the world, and to become active global citizens.

Denise Moore, Treasurer – Denise holds a Certificate of Achievement in Child Development/Associate Teacher; an Associate’s degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies, and has been trained to be an EMT-b. In the past she has been an intern at the County Attorney’s office of El Paso Texas; a Family Readiness Support Assistant for the Marine Corps and has worked as a preschool teacher. Denise is currently attending University as a pre-nursing major at the University of Texas El Paso.

Natalie Valenzuela, Secretary – Natalie earned a BA in Mathematics from Indiana University South Bend in 2010. While pursuing her education in Indiana, she facilitated a reading and discussion group at the South Bend Juvenile Correctional Facility. Since returning to El Paso in 2011, she has completed a MS in Systems Engineering and a graduate certificate in Applied Statistics, both of which she hopes to use to improve social systems. Two years ago she started as a volunteer intern and is now working for the United States Department of Justice and The Philosophic Systems Institute as a teacher of philosophy and mindfulness in a class called Shadows to Light for two Federal re-entry and diversion programs. She has also co-facilitated a mindfulness workshop for law enforcement officers. Natalie has offered private math tutoring for nine years. She is a mother to three daughters, ages 16, 12, and 7. Her experiences have taught her to be grateful for each opportunity to learn about those with whom she interacts from all walks of life.

Celeste Parrott, Vice President – Celeste holds a B.A. in Psychology from Texas Tech University. With a total of 14 years of community service work under her belt, she worked both in mental health fields, and has direct care experience in a residential treatment center for children. For the last decade, Celeste has worked as the Child Care Licensing Supervisor for the Texas Health and Human Services commission. Celeste represents licensing on the Child Care Services Advisory Counsel and Head Start Services Advisory Counsel.

Yolanda Supersad, Member at Large – Yolanda is holds a B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in Biology, a Master’s degree in Medical Illustration, and is a social worker in the state of New York. She is currently a freelance biological and scientific illustrator, and has developed youth education programs which incorporate her vivid illustrations, socioemotional considerations, and eye-opening data.

Key Planned Hires & Recruits

As Square Peg grows, we plan to add more personnel to maintain our level of commitment to student growth. This would include:

Year 2-3 Hiring Goals:

• One facilitator per subject/contracted establishment per quarter.

• One volunteer Coordinator.

• One volunteer mentor per applicant/team.

Year 4-5 Hiring Goals:

• One part-time website and PR specialist.

• Accountant and/or book keeper.

• One part-time outreach specialist.