Programs & Services

Square Peg’s main service is project-based structured mentoring. This is presented differently depending on the area of service. For example, the program would be marketed as described in the following environments:

Contracted Services: Square Peg’s program is developed by certified and content experts. If desired, services can be brought to individual establishments for forcredit purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, Gifted & Talented projects or Special Education team-building, or as a pro-social experience for at-risk students.

Public School Outreach for Gifted & Talented/Special Needs Students: Square Peg can be used as a for-credit program to enhance Gifted & Talented programs in public education. We provide a frame work for student projects that are projectbased, and incorporate the highest depth of knowledge in nearly all facets of involvement. Knowing that they have changed the world for the better in a personal way, involvement in Square Peg would mean that students would leave the experience with a sense of civic involvement, and empowerment. Having a mentor throughout the program means more hands, and more one-to-one support.

Juvenile Justice: Square Peg can be used to help right a wrong. Nothing can be undone, but we can work together to find the root of the problem and seek a pro-active solution. For instance, a defacement or vandalism crime could be resolved if a youth citizen decided to paint over or “fix” the damaged property. This would offer all parties a learning opportunity, and give the young offender the opportunity to make amends if this is the project they choose. If we decide on a partnership, and with well-developed outcome expectations, this could possibly be used by the probation department to reconsider sentencing.

Community and Human Development: Young citizens have so many ideas to improve their communities. Often these ideas are not developed when they are conceived, and are thus lost. Square Peg could be used to build community gardens, bring light to a neighborhood in need of rebuilding, or redistribute glasses to those in need. The possibilities are endless. The added benefit to this is that the services and supplies would be provided by Square Peg, and this supplement would reduce the burden of funding.

Mental/Behavioral Health: Studies show that regular positive social interactions, whether formal or informal, lead to a sense of connectivity and life purpose, whereby enhancing both physiological and mental health. A referral to services that offer pro-social mentoring Square Peg as a supplement to a more positive future. As Square Peg Grows, we would like to develop specialized programs with specialists from all of these areas in the near future.

All services require a completed application, a team, and 12-15 sessions which incorporate the resources and mentoring